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A New Story: The Slimy Master Monster

By Patricia Rust


Ghosts and goblins and zombies and ghouls
Ride through the night like Halloween fools.
This Halloween eve you may see one come alive.
He is the biggest and scariest creature of all time!
His face oozes grime and grease and green stuff.
His manner is mean and terrible and tough.
He's the Slimy Master Monster of Halloween
He's so mean and so green that it seems
No one can think of a name for this being!
So, if you see him in the sky tonight,
Flash him a smile that's ever so bright
That your happiness and joy will give HIM a fright!
Be sweet, be kind, don't show too much dread,
By the end of the night maybe you can call him friend!
And give him a name befitting a slimy master monster
So we can tell all the kids about your new ghoul friend
Happy Halloween from the Slimy Master Monster!

All text on this website copyright
Patricia Rust Productions (October 2002)

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