Activities you can do with your children

Tips from the King of Skittledeedoo

by Patricia Rust Little girl

Tell and Spell

Take a walk with your child. If you go to the park, spell it out. You can say, "Letís go to the P-A-R-K" and then say the word park again (Soon your children will be understanding everything you and your mate spell out to each other that is not for curious ears). When you get to the park or even the grocery store, spell the words aloud with your child. It becomes a fun game and can be played anywhere.

Kingly Stroll

This is another exercise that also involves the exercise of walking which is really important for children. Take a walk as though you and/or your child were The King of Skittledeedoo. What would you say? What would you do? Explain your actions, reactions, and emotions as best as possible.

Giant Letter Game

Cut out giant letters of the alphabet to see how they are shaped (scissors require supervision so this is something to do with children that enhances the tactile side of learning to read). This especially helps with the letter S. Your child or grandchild can choose favorite letters.

Click here for giant letters.

Making Bookmarks

You can make your own cut-out bookmarks. In the Sunday comic strips, cut up the colored pages and glue them to a paperplate. Or, you can paint your own plain paper bookmarks. A note for parents, teachers, and grandparents: The book mark ties in with the learning and reading goals we set.


At home or school, read The King of Skittledeedoo and other favorite books together. Let your child guess a word, then you guess one. You can progress to sentences, eventually paragraphs and soon your child will be reading to you. You can look at the pictures, too, and try to figure out what comes next.

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