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Some Kingly Advice

"Spell potatoes, kind king,
if that's who you are.
If you spell it correctly,
We will know you near and far."

"Potatoes?" asked the king,
"It's easy as one, two, four.
Bring on some more."

Hello. I'm the King of Skittledeedoo, the main character in a picture book for kids. I learned a hard lesson after my castle burned down. I lost everything, even my clothes! My subjects didn't recognize me. They asked me to do some hard things to prove I was their king. After failing miserably, I decided to go to school to learn to read and write.

But never fear. You can learn from my mistakes. Here are some kingly tips:

  1. Leave a book out in easy view of the family. You never know when you can someone to read it to you.
  2. Read aloud whenever you can.
  3. If you like a book, read it again. In fact, read it as many times as you like.
  4. When you see a video or movie, find out if it was written as a book and look for it at your library or local bookstore.
  5. If you have an idea for a story, write it down. Make it longer when you have more time. Bring your story or ideas to life with crayons, pens and pastels.
  6. Become a detective. If you read something that does not make sense, look for clues. Look at the pictures, read the words aloud, try to figure out the meaning yourself.
  7. Make your parents partners in learning. They are real good at answering questions and explaining stuff you don't understand.
  8. Go to the library or bookstore every week. This can be fun with one parent or the whole family.
  9. Take a kingly stroll or walk. What do you see that would you like to read about?
  10. Think about how reading can help you. In my case, it allowed me to take back my kingdom and make friends along the way. What can it do for you?


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