Jackie Rust's Aloha Flowers

Jackie Rust designed these flowers to bring the spirit of Aloha to all who view them.  May you live brightly, lightly, and carry flowers in your heart at all times.  They are currently appearing at a special art show at Westwood Horizons, 924 Westwood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024.  Call 310-281-3332 for more information.  Proceeds benefit Power For Kids 501c3 not-for-profit children's literacy foundation.


Signed and numbered limited edition prints of each piece are available.

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A-AlohaSpringViolet_lyrs.gif (565747 bytes) A-Aloha Spring Violet $1500  
B-BigIslandFlowers.gif (122781 bytes) B-Big Island Flowers $1200 
C-TalkingFlowers.gif (111354 bytes) C-Talking Flowers $1500 
D-TahitianVanillaOrchids4.gif (76385 bytes) D-Tahitian Vanilla Orchids $1500
E-HawaiianRoyalty.gif (111252 bytes) E-Hawaiian Royalty $1500 
F-FlowersAreForever.gif (171684 bytes) F-Flowers are Forever $1500
G-AlohaTwilight 3.gif (177250 bytes) G-Aloha Twilight $800
H-AlohaNaKoiOiFlowers.gif (187549 bytes) H-Aloha Na Koi Oi Flowers $1500
I-WaikikiRoyalty.gif (1308595 bytes) I-Waikiki Royalty $500
J-LanaiLovers.gif (183964 bytes) J-Lanai Lovers $1500
K-SpecialFlowereofAloha.gif (165220 bytes) K-Special Flowers of Aloha $1500
L-TradewindsBlowing_prte1.gif (108690 bytes) L-Tradewinds Blowing $500
M-SweetBreezes.gif (117939 bytes) M-Sweet Breezes - $1500
N-GingerOrchids_prte1.gif (99256 bytes) N-Ginger Orchids $500
O-AlohaSpiritSerenad.gif (92821 bytes) O-Aloha Spirit Serenade $1200
P-AlohaSpringSurprise.gif (79682 bytes) P-Aloha Spring Surprise $500
Q-AngelSurprise_prte2.gif (159533 bytes) Q-Angel Surprise $500 
R-KuipoFlowerofLove.gif (130250 bytes) R-Kuipo Flowers of Love $1200
S-ForeverSummer.gif (127673 bytes) S-Forever Summer $1200
T-FlowerPower_prte1.gif (91264 bytes) T-Flower Power $1200
U-ForeverAloha.gif (96654 bytes) U-Forever Aloha $1200
V-KeiKiFlowers.gif (242099 bytes) V-Keiki Flowers $1500
W-HiloHappy_prte2.gif (368630 bytes) W-Hilo Happy $500
X-DeliciousHibiscus_prte2.gif (253171 bytes) X-Delicious Hibiscus $500
Y-FijiFunG_prte2.gif (99595 bytes) Y-Fiji Fun $500
Z-DaimondHeadatDawn_prte2.gif (534653 bytes) Z-Diamond Head at Dawn $500
AA-Fijjian Sea.gif (1411482 bytes) AA-Fijian Sea by Patricia Rust $1500
BB-OutJumpsSpring.gif (742643 bytes) BB-Out Jumps Spring by Patricia Rust $1500
CC-NatureHumming.gif (2098865 bytes) CC-Nature Humming by Patricia Rust $1500
DD-Partytime.gif (291458 bytes) DD-Partytime by Patricia Rust $1500


All images copyright 2003-2005 Jackie Rust.  Use on other sites or for other purposes is prohibited.

Please visit these galleries for more delicious choices to liven your life.  The pieces vary in size and range from 8x 20 to 5 x 5.  All are custom signed and numbered lithography and come with certificate of authencity.  Lunch with the Artist, Jackie Rust, can also be arranged.  

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